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Besides being cheaper alternative for conventional fuels, what makes its future brighter is easier availability of agro waste in ample quantity. With the rising awareness and demand for bio-mass briquettes, more and more industries across the sectors, are waking up to its benefits. More importantly, the various Governments too have realized its significance as cheaper and eco-friendly alternative to conventional source of fuels and energies. Governments are sparing no efforts to promote bio-mass briquettes by way of slew of tax benefits and financial incentives to boost the usage of bio-briquettes as alternate source of renewable energy. Let’s look at some distinguished benefits of bio-mass briquetting plants. The speedy viability of the project within a time frame of two years makes it more investment friendly.

Biomass Briquettes
  • Rising demand due to rising cost of fossil fuel.
  • Renewable source of fuel and energy
  • Tax benefits and incentives
  • Earlier viability
  • Relaxed rules
  • Pollution free because there is no sulfur content
  • Easy mobility and transportation
  • Contain high density
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